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Dentures & Implant Supported Dentures

Not your grandma’s dentures

New, custom-fit dentures can improve your quality of life in many ways. Dentures are the most affordable way to do full-arch tooth replacements, and modern denture materials are lighter, look more natural, and fit better than dentures of yesteryear. These are not the clunky, ill-fitting dentures your parents or grandparents had. Hawkins Family Dentistry fills in the gaps and gets you back to living life to the fullest…with a smile!

If you are a resident of the Midlothian, Virginia, area facing the challenge of lost or failing teeth, we know everyday functions can become difficult. In addition to trouble with chewing and speaking, tooth loss can lead to further damage and deterioration of your facial structure.

Ready to take a bite out of life? Ask us about dentures today! Feel free to give us a call at (804) 897-9800 or schedule an appointment online.

Let the compassionate Hawkins Family Dentistry team help restore your smile by constructing comfortable, beautiful dentures-that are custom-fit just for you. There is no need to experience any more embarrassment or discomfort due to missing teeth.

Traditional Dentures

If you have lost your teeth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma, dentures may be a perfect option for you. We can help you regain your smile and your self-confidence with our skillfully crafted dentures.

We will first measure and take a series of impressions of your mouth and jaw to ensure the dentures fit you perfectly. Then we will create a model for you to try. The model will be adjusted for shape, color, and fit before your final denture is made.

After your final denture is completed, any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure a great looking smile that is comfortable and functional.

Implant Supported Dentures

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are secured to root implants in the jaw bone—so cannot be removed.

Implant-supported dentures are a solution you can be confident in. A full arch prosthesis is connected securely to implants that lock the denture in place. Because the implants have been embedded in the jawbone, the denture that connects to the implants will not shift or move. The visible portion of the dentures are made with such attention to detail, things like slight variance in color, translucency, and shape of natural teeth are replicated.

Why you will love your dentures

  • Prevent the appearance of ‘sunken face’
  • Improve speech
  • Help you eat normally again
  • Provide a beautiful natural looking smile

If you are worried about the potential cost of dentures or implant supported dentures, please let us know.  We are proud to offer our patients in-office financing options so you don’t have to choose between your other obligations and your dental health.

“I went to the same dentist for past 30 years. I had to switch to Dr. Hawkins because of insurance changes. Our family loves the Hawkins Family Dentistry team. They treat their patients like family. The entire team is very good at what they do and make you very comfortable. They make you not mind going to the dentist.” – JB

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