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Sallie J.

Posted on April 11th, 2011

My experience with Dr. Hawkins and his team was different than most.  I woke early in the morning to find my face was swollen on one side.  Within an hour it became much worse, extending from my neck to my eye.  Because I had not had dental pain I went to my primary physician as soon as they opened.  They told me to contact my dentist.  I did, and was told I couldn’t be seen for two days….so I opened the yellow pages and began calling dentists I had never met.  None could see me.  Thank God, I called Dr. Hawkins’ office!  The receptionist could hear the fear in my voice and asked me how long it would take to get to their office and within twenty minutes they were doing x-rays!  I Credit Dr. Hawkins and his staff for saving my life because they made calls until they found an oral surgeon who could see me immediately.  Two hours later I was in the hospital, in surgery diagnosed with cellulitis….the surgery lasted  3 1/2 hours, was followed by three days in ICU and two more days on a surgical floor.  To make a long story short, without the knowledge and experience of Dr. Hawkins and the compassion and diligence of his wonderful staff, my surgeon and hospital staff said I would have died by that night because the infection was spreading so quickly towards my heart and brain!

We think the cellulitis was the result of gallbladder surgery I had ten days earlier…hitting me with no warning…..THANKS TO ALL!!!  Obviously, when we need dental care or talk to someone who does, there is only one place to go…DR.HAWKINS.

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Written by Dr Alex Hawkins

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