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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Have a cavity? No need to let people know

There is no doubt that dental decay is a preventable disease. However, according to the World Health Organization nearly 100% of adults will have had a cavity at some point during their life. The good news is that your Midlothian dentist can fill your cavities with tooth-colored fillings so no one will ever know you’ve had a restoration.

What causes cavities?

Dental caries (cavities) happen when the bacteria in the thin layer of biofilm on the teeth are in the presence of acid too often and for too long. This imbalance causes an infection that leads to mineral loss in the teeth. When the tooth has lost vital minerals, a cavity is created. There are many things that can contribute to tooth decay risk:

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Medication use
  • Heredity
  • History of decay
  • Home care

Treating tooth decay

If there is a cavity, it is important that you have the decay removed as it is a transmissible disease. Dr. Hawkins will remove the decayed area and restore the remaining tooth with a tooth-colored filling. You should also be aware of behaviors that may be contributing to your decay risk, and do your best to make changes.

Fillings are meant to be strong and durable, providing support to a tooth that has lost some of its natural structure due to tooth decay. Tooth colored fillings are safe, strong, and durable.

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Why you will love tooth colored fillings

If you find that you require a dental filling, but want to also have a smile that does not show it, we can make sure you have the healthy smile you want without the glaring reminder of the cavity.

Composite — the safer and more discreet filling option

Cavities happen, but no one needs to know about it. Today we have the option to restore your teeth with composite, tooth colored fillings that blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth; no one will ever know you had a cavity filled.

Benefits of composite fillings:

  • Fewer health risks
  • Less post-treatment discomfort and sensitivity
  • Unnoticeable, the tooth-colored material is matched to surrounding teeth
  • Often placed in a single visit
  • Does not corrode and holds up to everyday life
  • Composite material does not expand or contract with hot or cold temperatures
  • More of your natural tooth is retained in the filling process.

At Hawkins Family Dentistry we offer our patients the best materials available to give their decayed tooth the support it needs to function normally.

“I have no worries with the occasional cavity — Dr Hawkins provides all the magic I need without the punishing music of a Phish concert.” – Peter

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