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Porcelain Bridges

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from having a great smile

If you are feeling embarrassed or your life is limited because of missing teeth, or if you would like a natural-looking tooth replacement to get your smile back to its beautiful, well-functioning condition, a dental bridge could be the confidence-boosting solution you have been looking for.  A dental bridge by Dr. Hawkins is a fabricated tooth replacement, that can be either one tooth or multiple teeth. Bridges are typically bonded to two adjoining teeth, filling the gap and providing you a flawless smile. At Hawkins Family Dentistry in Midlothian, Virginia we want all of our patients to smile without reservation.

Ready for a secure, gap-free smile? Feel free to give us a call at (804) 897-9800 or schedule an appointment online.

Start living life to the fullest

We understand that missing teeth can hold you back from doing things you want to do. If you:

  • Are missing a tooth or teeth
  • Have teeth that are moving or rotating on either side of a gap, causing discomfort
  • Desire to chew normally again
  • Would like a more stable alternative to a denture
  • Want your restoration to look and function like your natural teeth

Then please come see us and see if a dental bridge will work for you.

What is it like to get a dental bridge?

Your capable and gentle team will first prepare the anchoring teeth. Then, they will take impressions in order for the dental lab to fabricate a perfectly matched bridge.

You will be fit with a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth and gums while your permanent bridge is being made.

When your permanent bridge is ready, the doctors will cement the permanent bridge into place.

Good for your smile and your health

Like all dental restorations, there are health and cosmetic benefits that include:

  • Teeth on either side of the gap will not be able to move
  • Bite preservation
  • Prevents ‘sunken face’
  • Eating without difficulty
  • Beautiful, natural looking smile

If you are worried about the potential cost of a porcelain bridge, please let us know.  We are proud to offer our patients in-office financing options so you don’t have to choose between other responsibilities and your dental health.

“Angie, Erica and Dr. Hawkins are all fantastic. Also, the pricing is more than reasonable, they don;t leave you waiting around for an hour before you are in the chair and best of all… he guarantees the work. That should tell you this guy and these gals know their stuff.” – David

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