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Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for Midlothian’s smallest smiles

At Hawkins Family Dentistry, we believe that good oral health starts at an early age. The sooner we can get our kids to realize the importance of brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, and of course the dangers of sugar and tooth decay, the better equipped they will be for a lifetime of dental health.

Less Cavities, Less Stress

Bring the kids to Hawkins Family Dentistry today!

Setting the Stage

At Hawkins Family Dentistry, not only do we love kids – many of our team members have kids of their own – but we especially love treating kids in the office. Midlothian kids bring a certain spark and energy to the practice, and we love hearing the things that come out of their mouths sometimes. But it’s what’s going into their mouths, and what’s left behind that really interests us. We make sure to educate our youngest patients and their parents about the importance of good oral hygiene and a proper diet for a lifetime of good oral and overall health and wellness.

Cavity Free Club

We know that brushing and flossing regularly, and seeing Dr. Hawkins for your regular checkups can feel like a chore – especially when it comes to getting your kids to do it too. That’s why we created the kids’ Cavity Free Club to encourage Midlothian youngsters to eat healthier and keep tooth decay at bay. When they get a Grade A checkup with no cavities, they get to be a part of our cool Cavity Free Club, which includes fun perks and special prizes!

Never Fear

Coming to the dentist can be a scary thought for many – especially kids. Millions of American adults suffer from some level of dental anxiety. If even adults are scared, you can imagine the fear that some children face when it comes to visiting their Midlothian dentist. We don’t want anyone to go without the dental care they need out of fear or anxiety, that’s why we are happy to offer nitrous sedation to help ease those nerves and make your appointment relaxed and comfortable.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your young one for a pediatric appointment, please contact our office today at (804) 897-9800, or request an appointment online!

“My 5 yr old daughter and myself recently visited Hawkins Family Dentistry and we were both blown away with how fantastic our experiences were! She was made to feel like a princess and I was impressed by how friendly, professional and thoughtful the staff was. I recently had foot surgery and I just received a get well note from Elizabeth, my dental hygienist! That level of care is beyond words. Thank you!!!”

– Laura

Less Cavities, Less Stress

Bring the kids to Hawkins Family Dentistry today!

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