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LANAP® / Gum Disease Treatment

Patients with moderate to advanced gum disease require periodontal surgery. Unfortunately, many individuals fear this type of treatment. Fortunately, there is now a much better option available. With LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), you can restore the health of your gums without scalpels or stitches.

Midlothian, VA, dentist Alex Hawkins has been extensively educated in LANAP gum disease treatment, including a year-long, comprehensive training regime. This revolutionary treatment option for gum disease is not only effective, but it offers less pain, quicker recovery, and fewer potential complications than traditional gum surgery.

Why treat gum disease?

It is estimated that gum disease affects 1 in 5 Americans. If you suffer from this common condition, it is vital that you understand the potential consequences of not receiving treatment. It can not only be a detriment to your oral health, but numerous studies have shown a connection between oral and systemic health. In other words, oral disease can be a contributing factor to other diseases in your body, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

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Three Stages of Gum Disease

The earliest stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. This occurs when plaque builds up around the gums causing inflammation. The most common gingivitis symptoms include bad breath and red, swollen gums that can bleed easily with flossing and brushing. While gingivitis is reversible, it can progress to periodontitis if ignored.

Stages of Gum Disease

With periodontitis, the inflammation spreads and causes pockets between your teeth and gums. These pockets attract food particles, plaque, and bacteria. As the pockets deepen, so does the infection, which causes gum recession and affects the fibers and bone that support your teeth. At this stage, gum disease is not reversible, but it is treatable. The recommended treatment usually involves scaling and root planing – a deep cleaning that removes these irritants and smooths the root surfaces to reduce the risk of reinfection.

If left untreated, the infection begins to destroy the bone and connective tissue that hold your teeth in place, causing your teeth to loosen and shift. Since advanced periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, a patient needs aggressive treatment to save their teeth. 

Until recently, the only aggressive solution was gum surgery. Today, LANAP offers the same benefits with less invasive treatment.

What is LANAP gum disease treatment?


LANAP is a minimally invasive option that utilizes a laser instead of a scalpel. Since there is no cutting, no stitches are needed. It is the only laser treatment approved by the FDA for treating gum disease.

LANAP requires the use of a special dental laser that selectively kills and removes diseased tissue without causing damage to healthy gum tissue. The laser utilizes a tiny fiber (approximately the thickness of three hairs) that is inserted between the gum and tooth. Once the tooth roots are completely cleaned of plaque, bacteria, and disease, the area is disinfected and sterilized. Finally, a different laser setting creates a firm, stable fibrin blood clot that seals the pocket.

What are the benefits of LANAP gum disease treatment?

The most obvious benefit is that LANAP can restore gum health and reduce the risk of oral and systemic diseases. Other advantages include:

  • Minimal to no pain
  • No bleeding or swelling
  • No incisions or sutures
  • Much quicker and less painful recovery (24 hours compared to 2-4 weeks)
  • No tooth sensitivity
  • No gum recession (cutting the gums can cause them to shrink and recess)
  • Improved aesthetic results
  • Reduction of pockets between teeth and gums
  • Safe for patients with bleeding disorders, diabetes, or on medications—even blood thinners
  • Since only local anesthesia is needed, patients can drive after the procedure
  • Fewer infections and potential complications

As an added benefit, the laser also stimulates the growth of new, healthy soft tissue and bone. Therefore, you achieve regeneration without needing to add foreign materials, which is sometimes necessary during traditional gum surgery.  

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