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Dental Implant Restoration

A naturally beautiful smile with dental implant restorations

If you are missing teeth and are considering placement of dental implants, know that Hawkins Family Dental in Midlothian, Virginia can provide you with stunning, natural looking crowns for your dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tooth-root substitute that is surgically attached to the jawbone. After the implant has healed, a restoration (crown) is placed above the gum line to look and operate like a natural tooth.

We put the finishing touches on your secure smile. Feel free to give us a call at (804) 897-9800 or schedule an appointment online.

After a specialist has placed the dental implant as the tooth root substitute to the jawbone and you are ready for the crown to be placed, Dr. Hawkins can create a dental implant restoration that looks just like your natural teeth.

Implants look and feel so close to a natural tooth, no one will suspect it is a restoration.

Dental implants are fixed and therefore are not removed for eating or cleaning like you would with some dentures or partials.

Why patients rave about dental implants

  • Improves your appearance
  • Long lasting result
  • No removal for eating or cleaning required
  • Helps preserve bone
  • Helps patient regain more normal speech
  • Look and feel just like a natural tooth
  • Improved oral health, as the adjacent teeth do not need to be altered in order to place an implant
  • Comfortable and convenient

If you are missing teeth, dental implants are a natural-looking way to get your smile back.

If you are worried about the potential cost of implant restoration, please let us know.  We are proud to offer our patients in-office financing options so you don’t have to choose between other commitments and your dental health.

“If I could give Hawkins Family Dentistry 6 stars I would. The care I have received as a patient is legendary and the staff is exceptional. It’s no accident that “Family” is in the name because when you walk in it’s like being at home. Thanks to Hawkins Family Dentistry I’m improving my health and I’m getting my smile back!” – Montell

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