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Keeping Your Mouth Clean and Healthy with Hydrogen Peroxide: Four Easy Tips

Peroxide Cure

Hawkins Family Dentistry loves providing you with simple, inexpensive ways to keep your mouth healthy. In this post, we wanted to let you know about the many ways you can use hydrogen peroxide, and how your family can benefit from it. Hydrogen Peroxide is affordable, can be found all over Midlothian, and makes a great home-use oral health product. In fact, you probably already own it. As always, Dr. Hawkins & Dr. Harmon are the Midlothian’s oral health experts, so please consult us before trying any new treatments and we will make sure it is the best option for your personal needs.

So, what is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is more than just a first aid antiseptic; it’s value as a home health product goes way beyond treating minor cuts and burns. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a great product for dental health in between visits to Dr. Hawkins & Dr. Harmon.

It is a clear liquid made simply of two molecules of hydrogen bonded to two molecules of oxygen. You can find it at most grocery stores and every pharmacy, and it is sold as a diluted solution of 3% (the rest is water). It is most commonly used as a first-aid disinfectant.

How can you use it to keep your teeth clean and healthy at home?

Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Harmon, and the entire Hawkins Family Dentistry team are committed to your oral health and we want our Midlothian patients to know how to take care of their smile in and out of the dentist’s chair. Hydrogen peroxide can help with toothaches, gingivitis, as a toothbrush disinfectant, and as a temporary substitute for toothpaste. Here are the details on how to use hydrogen peroxide to maintain excellent oral health:

  • Soothe the Pain of a Toothache

Let’s say you are having some pain, but you can’t make it to our Midlothian office. Placing just a capful of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 10 minutes, then spitting it out, may offer you some relief. You can repeat this process many times throughout the day until the pain is manageable.

This works because hydrogen peroxide fights the infection and swelling, which are responsible for the pain toothaches can cause you. It is important, however, to remember that this is only safe as a temporary solution, and the best option is to see Dr. Hawkins or Dr. Harmon as soon as you experience a toothache.

Gingivitis is caused by germs, but hydrogen peroxide is a powerful weapon against them. Once you have finished flossing and brushing your teeth, vigorously swish with an ounce of hydrogen peroxide, taking care to cover your gum lines all throughout your mouth. Do this for 5-6 seconds, spit out the peroxide, and then rinse your mouth with water.

  • To Sterilize Your Toothbrush

Soak the bristles of your toothbrush in a fresh, clean cup of hydrogen peroxide once per week, or more often if you prefer. After only a few seconds, you can watch the bubbles form as the peroxide kills the germs!

Let your toothbrush sit in the cup for at least 5 minutes to make sure it is fully cleaned, then place it under the tap and rinse thoroughly with water. It is important to use a fresh cup of hydrogen peroxide, because it is light sensitive and will break down when it comes in contact with light.

  • Instead of Toothpaste

Everyone forgets to buy toothpaste once in a while. Here’s a way to save yourself from a 10pm trip to the drugstore. Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide (four parts baking soda to one part peroxide) and use this household concoction just like toothpaste! It will have a grainier taste than your usual toothpaste, but it will clean your teeth in much the same way the regular stuff does.

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