Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? -Voltaire

We work hard to make sure you have an amazing experience at our office. We would be honored if you took a moment to tell others. Here are just a few of the flattering things people have said about the hard working and dedicated team at Hawkins Family Dentistry:

SusanIt has been an absolute blessing to find Dr. Alex Hawkins and his staff. Over the past few years, my family and I have been looking for a dentist we could all trust. My ten year old son, Christian, has always been afraid of going to the dentist. Whenever he had to have dental work done, he had to be sedated. He would often get out of the chair and take off for the nearest exit, leaving us to reschedule and try again. A friend suggested Dr. Hawkins, and I took an immediate liking to him and his staff. They were very friendly and informative. I told my son about Dr. Hawkins, and he decided to give it a try. The staff was very supportive and patient with Christian. They were positive and able to earn his trust on his first visit.

Christian recently discovered he had two cavities that needed to be filled. My husband and I were overwhelmed with the news and concerned because of Christian’s past reaction to dental work. We made an appointment as soon as possible, and upon our arrival, we received nothing but kindness and support from the staff. Dr. Hawkins was very patient and encouraging while working with Christian. Christian sat in the chair the entire time without a fight, without trying to escape, taking on the procedure like a little professional! I was so proud of him and so thankful for Dr. Hawkins and how he handled our situation. We are a family of four – all patients at Hawkins Family Dentistry – and find ourselves looking forward to visiting him and his staff again. –Susan

Rachel JI’ve always had “bad teeth”, so going to the dentist has never been my idea of a good time. The past few years I haven’t had any health insurance and have not felt able to go to a dentist. My teeth began to deteriorate to the point of getting out of control. I feared it would take so long and be so costly that I kept putting it off. The longer I waited the worse it got and the more embarrassed I felt. Daily pain and worry began to consume me. When I finally shared my struggle with a friend, she told me about Dr. Hawkins. She explained to me that he would guarantee his work and put together a personalized plan. I was still apprehensive; I had bad experiences with dentists in the past and feared I needed too much work done. But my friend told Dr. Hawkins my situation and he actually contacted me! He was so reassuring and open and really wanted to help me. I’ve never experienced such a caring doctor who was willing to give me such personal care.

Dr. Hawkins fit me in so quickly and worked tirelessly all one morning to complete nearly all the work I needed. He never made me feel bad or guilty for my teeth. He was so gentle but thorough. Everyone in the office was so incredibly kind, genuinely friendly, and helpful that I actually enjoyed my visit and found myself looking forward to returning to have my teeth finished!

Ten fillings and three crowns later, I finally can say I’m proud of my brilliant smile. I’m not embarrassed; instead I have such an incredible peace of mind. I never realized how wonderful it is to know that you have been in such caring hands. –Rachel

GregI have found this dental practice to be like no other. Everyone knows me by name when I walk in and the staff treats me like family. I have been in Richmond for over eight years now and had been with three other dental practices before discovering Dr. Alex Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins is extremely caring and compassionate in his treatment of me as his patient. When he gives me advice on dental care, I listen. I never feel rushed, and the decisions I make about future care are always my own. His practice is all top notch, and his staff are the best I’ve seen. It makes you almost look forward to going to the dentist just to be there.

I have always been hesitant about keeping dental appointments in the past with other dentists, but never with Dr. Hawkins. With the problems I have had with my teeth and gums, Dr. Hawkins has me on the road to recovery. I can’t recommend this practice enough. If you have ever been afraid of going to the dentist, then this practice is the one for you. –Greg

Meghan BTo the entire staff at Hawkins Family Dentistry: I just wanted to thank you – all of you – for your patience & loving gentle care with my kids. You guys are the best! –Meghan

My experience with Dr. Hawkins and his team was different than most.  I woke early in the morning to find my face was swollen on one side.  Within an hour it became much worse, extending from my neck to my eye.  Because I had not had dental pain I went to my primary physician as soon as they opened.  They told me to contact my dentist.  I did, and was told I couldn’t be seen for two days….so I opened the yellow pages and began calling dentists I had never met.  None could see me.  Thank God, I called Dr. Hawkins’ office!  The receptionist could hear the fear in my voice and asked me how long it would take to get to their office and within twenty minutes they were doing x-rays!  I Credit Dr. Hawkins and his staff for saving my life because they made calls until they found an oral surgeon who could see me immediately.  Two hours later I was in the hospital, in surgery diagnosed with cellulitis….the surgery lasted 3 1/2 hours, was followed by three days in ICU and two more days on a surgical floor.  To make a long story short, without the knowledge and experience of Dr. Hawkins and the compassion and diligence of his wonderful staff, my surgeon and hospital staff said I would have died by that night because the infection was spreading so quickly towards my heart and brain!

We think the cellulitis was the result of gallbladder surgery I had ten days earlier…hitting me with no warning…..THANKS TO ALL!!!  Obviously, when we need dental care or talk to someone who does, there is only one place to go…DR.HAWKINS. –Sallie

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for your help with my teeth…You were so thorough and your work looks great! –Kathryn

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